The EU Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres:
Composition, Governance, Joining Process, and Functioning

Lead Beneficiary: ACC


▪ To create a European network of national CCCs to improve cancer care and avoid the unacceptable disparities currently present across the EU.

Other objectives:

▪ To develop a governance model for the EU Network of CCCs

▪ To guarantee a high standard of care and research in each CCC through a continuous update mechanism

▪ To foster collaboration within the Network and with other European initiatives

Description: WP5 aims to provide a solid framework for the creation and operation of the EU Network of CCCs, addressing the challenges to obtain a consistent approach to selection and centre development, as well as to define an effective governance system that reflects and supports the Network’s mission. Comprehensive Cancer Centres are vital institutions for integrating high quality care and research. International quality accreditation mechanisms already exist, and many CCCs already adhere to them. One of the main objectives of WP5 is to build on experience and approaches already developed, and to identify accredited centers to establish the foundation of the Network. At the same time, rules of admission for new CCCs need to be defined, in close collaboration with WP6 and WP7, with a flexible approach that takes into account the regional context, but sets clear content, selection and evaluation criteria. For the EU Network to become fully operational and achieve its mission, it is of paramount importance to develop a governance model that delineates the decision-making process, for key matters as well as for daily management. WP5 will oversee the definition of the composition and duties of the governance bodies of the Network, and of the supporting secretariat. Ultimately, networking is a strategy to reduce inequalities in care, strengthen the quality of research, and integrate clinical care and research. WP5 will ensure that available resources (e.g. expertise, research, education, samples, data, trials, core facilities) will be leveraged by devising activities to foster collaboration within the Network, to create links to other relevant EU initiatives and to actively engage patients and other key stakeholders.