Framework and criteria to enable the implementation of
Comprehensive Cancer Centres within an EU Network

Lead Beneficiary: INCa
Co - Lead Beneficiary: OUS

Objectives: To develop a consensus of Comprehensive cancer centers, both standalone centres, and centres which are part of University or General Hospitals.

Description: The specific objective is to establish a framework to enable the implementation of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCCs). WP7 aims to map the existing landscape of Comprehensive Cancer Centres and potential comprehensive cancer centres for the purposes of the proposed EU network. In this mapping it will need to take into account different health systems and organization of secondary/tertiary cancer care and research. One important aspect to cover is the position of University Hospitals and very large General Hospitals treating many cancer patients which have not yet formed themselves into high-performing Cancer Centres incorporating research. Recommended governance structures will be defined by this WP.

The main tasks of WP7 concern the construction of consensus quality standards for research, innovation, prevention, integration with care, education, and governance for CCCs. These core standards need to be straightforward and applicable in a wide variety of centres, and compatible with some existing quality and accreditation/certification systems in Europe. The WP also needs to design processes for centres which are not yet in readiness to be able to develop, and processes for all centres to actively improve care, research and education.