Equitable Access to High-Quality Care and Research:
Networks in the context of CCCs

Lead Beneficiary: ICO

Objectives: To assess how CCCs organize cancer care in the real world action of health systems at the regional and local level, assessing the use of molecular tumor boards, ways of translating research progress in the networks, survivorship issues associated with follow up and return to work and potential uses of real-world data to ensure equitable access to all cancer patients under the CCC hub and spoke in each healthcare.

Description: WP8 will be based on bottom up approaches. Current practices and models of organization in real-life settings will be key references to assess how high-quality care and research is available to all cancer patients in a given regional and local level through networking models. The objectives of WP8 are:

  1. Analysis of real-world activities from networks built around a CCC in providing common care and translation of research responses to patients with frequent tumors
  2. Assessment of pathways’ implementation in different CCCNs contexts whereby cancer care is organized to equitably provide timely diagnosis and access to high-quality care
  3. Assessment of how molecular tumor boards (MTB) are implemented in networking contexts where external clinicians to CCCs discuss their cases and receive advice on patient-tailored therapeutic planning
  4. Assessment of the continuity of cancer care in networks, including the potential for involvement of primary care and factors related to return to work along the follow up of patient after active treatment.