CraNE JA – WP6: Setting up Comprehensive Cancer Care Networks (CCCNs) – Successful Audit for the Lung Cancer CCCN at the Lower Silesian Oncology, Pulmonology and Hematology Center, Wroclaw, Poland

We are thrilled to share that the Lung Cancer CCCN Team of the Lower Silesian Oncology, Pulmonology and Hematology Center (LSOPHC), one of our WP6 pilot CCCNs passed the audit which took place from 27.-28. May 2024 in Wroclaw, Poland successfully.

The two experienced lung cancer auditors congratulated the CCCN on an excellent and high performance and recommended that the LSOPHC should be awarded with the CraNE CCCN Lung Cancer certificate.

During the 1.5-day audit the implementation of the requirements in the Set of Standards for Lung Cancer as well as the results of the set of quality indicators were reviewed and jointly discussed.

All documents (filled-in Set of Standards, Set of QIs and Audit Report) will be forwarded to the Certificate Awarding Committee which will review the certification process and ultimately take the decision if the certificate will be awarded.

The certificate awarding ceremony will take place on 1 July in the scope of the 4th WP6 meeting in Warsaw at the National Institute of Public Health National Institute of Hygiene- National Research Institute.