Workshop of CraNE WP7 21 April, Paris

This hybrid workshop to close the first consultation phase of the CraNE WP7 was held in Paris on 21 April 2023.

During the working meeting, a summary of each sub-task for task 7.2 and 7.3 was prepared for our Partners to review the process so far regarding the standards and criteria of the CCCs discussed and plan the following stages.

Specifically, this workshop included presentation of preliminary data from the survey followed by extensive description of Standards on Governance, Research, Integration Research and Care, Prevention, Innovation and also Standards for Education and Training.

In addition, this event focused on coherence and dynamics of WP7 in relation to other WPs and the next steps to reach first sketches of CCC Standards (timelines and processes-WP7 milestones and deliverables).

In closing, the participants were further reminded by the WP7 leaders that written feedback to the ZeroDrafts on each task was welcomed and that there would be formed writing groups for the next steps, and that candidates for this were sought.