CraNE WP4 Governmental Board (GAB) 20 April, Brussels

On the 20th April 2023, CraNE’s first Governmental Board (GB) meeting took place at Sciensano in Brussels, in a hybrid format with about 59 participants from 18 countries.

The meeting unfolded with short reports of objectives and expected outputs presented by each core WP leader. Afterwards, a presentation of synergies and overlaps among EBCP care-related project was held, followed by a European Commission’s talk on opportunities for their support.

The GAB was linked to CraNE WP4; its results were translated into a Maturity Model that could be used by EU Member States for assessing their capacity to be part of the EU Network of CCCs (EU NCCCs) and secondly, the CraNE Blueprint will map all the necessary steps for organizing CCCs and to be part of the EU NCCCs.
Twice a year, the CraNE GAB will meet to be updated on the main activities and to provide support on the content of the Maturity model and the Blueprint.

The next GB meeting will be held on the 10th of November 2023.